Recent Actual Comments from our Valued Clients

Michael Coffey <>

The resume is great, thanks. I’ve got only a few changes:
1.) Can you remove the numbers from assets under management? I would like to get away from specific numbers. That is a lot to some groups…it’s zero to a lot of others.

2.) Can you remove the reference to database administration under the Aurora/Lehman Bros heading? I did not have direct access to any data positions there. I only generated production reports.

3.) Learning and Credentials: MCTS SQL was Anaheim Ca; Essentials of Management was done is 2002.

I attended a jobs fair in Anaheim today and received extremely good feedback on my resume. I gave 4 or 5 people your web address. You offer a great service, many thanks for a great resume. It not only looks great overall, it has great verbal structure and layout format. People notice how professional it looks.

Paul Coffey

Bryan York <>

Hello BakosGroup,

I cannot believe I have been using your firm since 2002. I have probably referred 40 or more people to your website. I am requesting a technical writer along with some consulting to add two roles to my resume. I am a Directory of IT for a private company and a Regional Systems Administrator for a consulting firm that has long standing contracts with five counties in So Cal.

Bryan W. York
Riverside, California

Dennis Andeson <>

Dear Bakos:

I resently used your services for writing my resume and have accepted a job using it, this was the second time I applied at firm and was my resume that got my the job, if fact the Hr person made some real nice comments about my resume.

Dennis Anderson


Bakos assisted me with my resume 5+ years ago and the end result was very positive. The attached utilizes the format supplied back then along withsome of the copy on previous positions. |

Hello and good morning, I would like to thank your team for a very impressive job! I am very, very happy with my resume. Satisfied 100 percent. So please proceed with your next steps.

Rebecca Bhiro

Andrew Ramp

The resume looks absolutely phenomenal and thank you!! Here are my thoughts on the very few minor changes I would like to make.

Peter Sleiman

To Whom it may concern,I am very satisfied with this resume. It is without a doubt the most
appealing resume I have ever read.

Thank you very much,

Peter Sleiman

Chuck Tackett

Wow! I am impressed. Ihave reviewed the resume and there are two technical points that need to be clarified, and there was one spacing issue. The comments and edit are on the attached document. Otherwise, I really like what the group has put together.

Chuck Tackett

Steven Koscelnak
Subject: This will probably sound too good to be true!

Good morning:

I am writing to thank your for the help re-writing my resume. I am very excited to start my new position in Chicago on December 27th.

In May 2011, my wife relocated to Chicago. Living in Pittsburgh, I had to secure a job before I could move. From May – October I had several phone interviews with “recruiting” firms, but only one face to face interview with an actual employer.

Feeling very frustrated I sought out your service. On October 24th I received my “draft” resume from Bakos. On November 1st I posted my “Draft” resume on Monster, Careerbuilder, and LinkedIn. On November 7th-8th I received 5 phone calls from actual employers, scheduling phone interviews. On November 14th, I had 2 “face to face” interviews, in Chicago. On November 22nd, I had a second interview, AND on November 29th, the firm flew me back to Chicago and offered me the job in person! NOTE: I had applied for this same position 2 other times using my old resume and never got a call.

Anyways, this may seem too good to be true, but I am living it!

Thank you, again, and have a nice Holiday.

Take care,

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