…only a few out of millions of job seekers over 30+ years!
Allcompanies have customer / consumer complaints. The difference is how the company resolves the issues with the end user. We’re proud to say that we’ve had a few … a few out of millions of job seekers over 30+ years. Miniscule, yes. We are extremely satisfied with our record for resolving rare issues but sometimes we can’t do anymore. For instance, one customer wanted us to misspell ‘Professional’ and we resisted. Our reputation was on the line and we simply could not accept his request. No rebuttal was offered in the complaint.
30+ years of A+ rating…
The best test of a company who serves consumers is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Again, 30+ years of A+ rating … now that’s customer service at its finest. All of our services are personalized using a participative approach. That is why we lead the industry in writing superlative resumes for job seekers.