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Do functional resumes work?

This suspect factor eliminates your candidacy immediately…
Functional styled resumes were developed to camouflage career aberrations such as employment gaps and other career path inconsistencies. Although this approach does mollify resume impediments and achieve some desired effect, employers and recruiters know that something is probably hidden, thus causing suspicion. This suspect factor eliminates your candidacy immediately, and how ironic! The perceived impediment probably would not have disqualified you! Whether you’re trying to camouflage present unemployment, remove gaps in your career, correct mistitling of employers, age biases, credential deficiencies, industry typecasting, or any other handicaps, there are better — and proven — ways to circumvent these defects. Imagine now how many interviews may been have missed because of the “creative” approach in “correcting” your resume. And yes, the features and benefits inherent in the functional style can be intertwined into a stellar resume without the suspect, candidate-eliminating, effect.

Surveys showed functional resumes 16% less effective that other types of resumes.