…proper use of outplacement services eliminates many of these associated problems during the transitional period.
Workforce reduction caused by downsizing or restructuring has great emotional and psychological impact on the employee, company and community, as well as financial ramifications. Damage is usually transparent and immeasurable: law suit exposure is extremely high; publicity and impaired image can cripple the company (remaining employee retention deteriorates, customer loyalty diminishes, and the vitality and “culture” that once made the organization successful, is forever gone); and termination expenses such as severance pay, health care benefits continuation and unemployment can be extremely costly. We believe that the proper use of outplacement services eliminates many of these associated problems during the transitional period.
BakosGroup.com is a unique employment organization providing career marketing, counseling and outplacement / transition services. Offering a large variety of customized programs to fit all budgets — from cost conscious group approaches to individualized executive level assistance — our services encompass a broad spectrum of personnel interests, from short-term programs to re-employment or placement. BakosGroup.com professionals guide and support job seekers, avoid the common pitfalls, and move them into job markets fast.
Because we are not a fee-based employment agency, many of our job seeking clients procure jobs through our Exclusive Referral system or databases, no placement fee is collected from the hiring company, and there is no charge to the job seeker.
BakosGroup.com offers an incomparable degree of coverage and quality
Utilizing state-of-the-art employment systems, BakosGroup.com offers an incomparable degree of coverage and quality. All services and products of BakosGroup.com can be packaged for volume discounts. For more information on how BakosGroup.com can assist you, use our convenient online form or call us at 800.370.JOBS (5627).

Partial list of outplacement engagements…

Daimler First Bank AT&T Microsoft
3M Bruning Target IKEA
BayBank Digital Equipment Corporation Motorola James River Graphics
Technovation WorldFederation Canadian Government Northeast Associates
Old Stone Bank Beaverbrook Step Gamma One, Inc. Medical Technical Products
Spalding Worldwide Boston Community Development Reliant Pharmaceuticals Monarch Insurance
Professional Golf Association Dow Jones HRM International xPLANE
Misonix CPC-Rexcell Computerland Vista IT, Inc.
Etonic Cerebral Palsy Association Metabolic Support Associates BellAtlantic
United Technical Industries Worcester Telegram & Gazette Brand Remediation Services Dr. Peter Hill
Board of Education – Wilton Easco Hand Tools Entropic Enterprises General Instrument
Titeflex (Bundy Corp.) Boston Learning Systems Commonwealth of Massachusetts James Burn / American
Northampton Co-op Bank Sigma Xi, The Scientific Society Sight & Sound Productions Management Resources, Inc.
Mfg. Jewelers of America Montgomery College Clinical Partners Umass at Boston
Tizuko Mfg. Co. General Electric Seiko Sayward Systems
Synergistics, Inc. Lerner Laboratories Friendly’s Corp Lindberg Industries
TransWorld Exibits Blue Cross Blue Shield Owen-Illinois Sewall Providence Systems