Is it resonating at your professional and income levels?
Will the employer or recruiter relate to your resume? Does it depict talent consistent with job seekers with your type of position? Is it resonating at your professional and income levels with the right tone and tenor? This is the most intangible comment because your resume should have the ‘look and feel’ of successful job-producing resumes at your level. If not, you will be disqualified. Your language must be cohesive and intelligent; your presentation should be enticing; your resume infrastructure should be well balanced with the optimum word density and support your theme; and, it should have the ‘I want to talk with this person’ message. Is it telling the right story? Know yourself and know your audience, and frame or merchandise your resume to arouse curiosity and interest.

You’re too talented to use a resume with these types of weaknesses; the job market is too competitive to use a resume that’s not optimized; and you have made it relatively easy to disqualify you.