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How We Evaluate Resumes

Does your resume have a cohesive theme in sync with your unique, personal brand
Ourexperienced resume evaluators carefully analyze and evaluate resumes and can spot nearly 100 different types of errors, many that are invisible, some even unknown. With insightful comments, a graded evaluation on a 100-point scale using 20 elements in 8 categories and 18 sub-categories will also be sent. Comments will cover 3 types of issues — Lethal Defects, Disqualifiers and Impediments:
  • Lethal Defects The defects quickly remove any candidacy, no matter how qualified the job seeker is.
  • Disqualifiers Although less severe, the 10-30 second resume review eliminates any opportunity, especially for competitive positions.
  • Impediments Some are invisible but it aggregates: It diminishes impact, weakens the resume and reduces optimum marketability.

Below are 2 typical resumes of actual job seekers. See how many errors you can find and learn why it didn’t work. You’ll be surprised.

Resume #1

How many issues?

Resume #2

How many issues?