Most resume scream industry-specific experience, causing the effect that your skills and abilities are non-transportable and non-transferable. If you are exploring opportunities outside your industry, you have unwittingly caused a major defect. Your talents ARE useful but employers and recruiters will eliminate your candidacy because it’s easier to disqualify than to qualify candidates. Your titles and employer names contribute to this typecasting effect. Remember that resumes go through a ‘disqualification process’ because it’s more efficient and simpler. To combat this mindset, your resume can be ‘sanitized’ or ‘inoculated’ where your industry-specific knowledge would be scrubbed away, leaving intact your track record of success and demonstrated talents. can ‘un-typecast’ you, re-position you, remove these destructive halos and vaccinate you against these disqualifiers. Our study showed that a sanitized resume performs nearly 60% better than a resume with a typecast halo.