Much more than just a resume, much more… Unsuck the resume writing. If you hate writing resumes, you’ll love us! We do the ‘heavy-lifting’ and make it easy for you. We do it all.

Youget more without paying more… the ‘gold standard’ of resumes. The more you compare, the better we look. A BAKOSresume is not just a resume… It’s an art-form, a marketing piece with a cohesive theme – and in sync with your unique personal brand – using our proprietary 10-step ‘Packaging Methodology’. Be the one they want to hire.
Resumes are given 10-15 seconds of review. Less than 1 out of 1,500 gets a job!
Over 30years ago, pioneered a proprietary 10-step process to develop BAKOSresumes, now the ‘Gold Standard’ of resumes, using Master Professional Writers (MPWs). An art-form that optimizes your marketability. See below why it worked for more than 2M job seekers. Nothing works without an effective resume, no matter how hard you try. If you don’t tell them how good you are, no one else will!

Unsurpassed in the industry…

Whenwe develop a BAKOSresume, we make sure that it works – unconditionally and without any time limit: We protect your investment and your career. It can’t get any better than that.  It’s the best performance guarantee in the industry and we’re proud of that. In fact, many of our clients get new jobs within 2, 3 and 4 weeks. Proudly over-engineered.

Why it works

The PERFECTresume…
Nomatter how many resumes you send, job boards you post to, recruiters you register with, if your resume doesn’t have traction, you’re just ‘spinning your wheels’ and probably going nowhere. We remove all disqualifiers and impediments – some invisible to you – and make your resume work as hard as you. We make sure that employers and recruiters do not reject you for the wrong reasons.

1. Information Gathering

There’s a lot more behind a BAKOSresume than you think…

writersThis initial step is the foundation of your new BAKOSresume to showcase your unique configuration of skills, abilities, talents, achievements and credentials. With this thorough and comprehensive interactive concept, we formulate a BAKOSresume that maximizes your marketability to achieve highest impact. See it in action…

  • Vast resources from 30+ years of experience in producing 2M+ BAKOSresumes are utilized – proven methods that have repeatedly succeeded in getting a new job.
  • Uncovering achievements and accomplishments using our proprietary SkillsSpere form – motivating you to reflect, in a free-associated manner, about you career.
  • Other documentation such as reference letters and recommendations, performance reviews / evaluations and various accolades, including other kudos, are gathered.

2. Writing Talent Selection

talent_selectionAnother critical step – find the writers who have the best understanding or / or experience in your type of background. Our Writing Coordinators select the Master Professional Writers (MPWs) – best-of-breed writers who have attained our highest resume development standards. Your career path is too important to do anything less.
  • The Writing Coordinator orchestrates the entire process, from concept to fulfillment, ensuring quality, style and approach, and full talent utilization.
  • We do no use templates, resume writing software, contract or sub-contract writers, like other services.
  • The MPWs are savvy: They know the industry, they know the right language, they know the best presentation, and they know what works.

3. Synthesize Information

synthesize_infoOur writers call it the DNA (Dynamic Narcissistic Approach) – we break down your entire background into its basic core elements and levels from the beginning, learning what sets you apart from everyone else and how good you are.
  • Interrelationships of components are analyzed, mapped and bridged, creating a hierarchical matrix.
  • A framework model is built to establish the BAKOSresume infrastructure with special attention to talent and skill marketability in today’s job market.
  • Personality type and other characterizations are overlayed with particular emphasis on compatibility and cohesion.

4. Coalesce Data

coalesceNext, the Master Professional Writers (MPWs) begin formulating a thematic model, engineering all the parts to the ‘staging’ level. Multi-disciplined perspectives evaluate the components and elements relative to compatibility and coherence.
  • Career pathing and progression, discipline expertise, industry knowledge and expertise are now overlayed.
  • Like a 3-dimensional puzzle or rubics cube, all the complex elements are vectorized, with full optimization control.
  • Form and shape begin materializing with defined attributes, assets and properties – a unique navigational grid.

5. Design, Layout & Format

design_layoutVisually appealing, interest-arousing design, incorporating the unique information is developed. Successful, and proven marketing precepts, combined with creative management, establish a marketing piece model.
  • All factors including income level, types(s) of industry, career path and other variables are considered.
  • Understandability, focal points, eye control, and other visualization effects are melded with the developed content.
  • Our design experts work in concert with Master Professional Writers (MPWs) to create a ‘living and breathing’ document – a document that speaks to you.

6. Language

design_layoutTextual content of the BAKOSresume must be consistent with the target audience: A call-to-action emphasis with high retentive and desirability quotient – a ‘I want this person on my team’ appeal.
  • Keywords and phrases are developed and embedded into the resume for database searchability and indexing.
  • Action words, in combination with appropriate descriptors, are applied to give the resume a dynamic, curiosity-arousing appeal.
  • Quantification, when possible, is integrated into the resume, showing the scope of the environment, and the levels of achievement – all designed to give you more credibility and validate the resume.

7. Structure

structureBlending language with the presentation – a form of specialized copy writing and design. Well balanced and optimized, the BAKOSresume now has a solid foundation of clarity and style.
  • The multi-phase process now begins to crystallize with insightful customization.
  • Core competencies, multi-disciplinary skills and industry knowledge are now well-defined and inter-related.
  • Multi-dimensional skill-sets reinforce the defined ‘message’ and theme of the BAKOSresume.

8. Lethal Defects, Disqualifiers & Empediments

lethal_defectsEveryone will have issues in their resume that need to be fixed. We do not allow any employer or recruiter disqualify a job seeker for any illogical reason. Remember, we do not change anything that you have done, we change the way you are communicated.
  • All lethal defects including age factors, mis-titling, unemployment and self-employment, job hopping ‘appearance’ and typecasting halos are all resolved, rescuing you from disqualification.
  • All imaginable disqualifiers are removed, preventing any opportunity for an employer or recruiter to reject your candidacy. All defensible with no anxiety and no ‘issue exchange’.
  • Other areas are examined to ensure your BAKOSresume does not impede your job search.

9. Art-Form | Theme

artformYour resume must have an engaging, persuasive and compelling theme – a cohesive message that sings, and signs the right tune. It’s the culmination of your resume – giving it personality and high impact.
  • This multi-disciplined approach brings your resume to life. We fine-tune the BAKOSresume, applying principles, methods and experience that have worked for more than 2M job seekers: Proven ideologies that have salvaged thousands of careers.
  • Cohesive and thematic message sending is paramount, ensuring an efficient and effective job search management.
  • Demonstrated esoteric processes portray all the nuances and facets of your background and experience.

10. Quality & Fulfillment

qualityEveryone is different in how they want to portray their talents and our interactive process ensures both satisfaction and job search success.
  • There is no limit to revisions of your BAKOSresume.
  • When completed, your BAKOSresume is unconditionally guaranteed to get you a job – with no time-limit – or the writers will rewrite it free of charge.
  • Final BAKOSresume is delivered in Microsoft Word format for use in any environment, from posting online to mailing and emailing.

We are passionate about resume writing. What sets us apart…

Best performance guarantee in the industry…
BAKOSresumes are an art-form, requiring superlative writing talent and extensive training. Only ‘best of breed’ professional writers, many with Ph.Ds, are selectively hired, trained and developed. All professional writers undergo rigorous training covering esoteric processes, multidisciplinary comprehension and nuances of proven, successful resume writing methodologies. Only when they have attained our consistent high standards and benchmarks, are they designated “Master Professional Writer” or MPW. And that is why proudly boasts that your BAKOSresume will procure a job or we will rewrite it free of charge. No other service offers this depth of talent and unconditional, no-time-limit, performance guarantee.
Incomparable, best-of-breed Master Professional Writers…
hands100+years of combined resume writing experience. That’s experience … and second to none. All BAKOSresumes are assigned by Writing Coordinators to MPWs who have the best understanding or experience in your type of background. Applying creativity, expertise and vast industry and occupational knowledge in a collaborative effort (they do the ‘heavy lifting’, not you), numerous internal drafts are generated to formulate a customized BAKOSresume to portray your unique configuration of skills, abilities, talents and credentials. In a careful information gathering, multi-phase process, all available data is sorted, organized and synthesized; vast resources are utilized and applied; elements and components of your background are coalesced; a unique theme is crystallized; and a BAKOSresume is formulated. This no-revision-limit, personalized, participative process ensures your full satisfaction and investment protection.

How we train our writers...

Dare to compare...

BAKOSresumes include:

Writing & Design

All BAKOSresumes include a unique and distinctive, eye-catching design with particular attention to your work history, industry and credentials. Writing Coordinators assign Master Professional Writer(s) (MPW) who specialize in your type of type of background utilizing our proprietary 10-step methodology process.

Triple Guarantee

  • Your Satisfaction: No limit to Revisions
  • Performance Guarantee (Best in the Industry): If your BAKOSresume does not perform to your expectations – with no time limit – we will rewrite your BAKOSresume.
  • Price Guarantee: We will match any published, comparable resume price and give you a 20% ‘in your pocket’ discount.

Your Own Personal Web Page

QR Codes – pointing to your URL – are also available.
All BAKOSresumes include a Resume Web Page on the Internet. Our skilled web professionals will manage everything including layout / design and posting. You’ll have your own URL, where employers and recruiters — locally, regionally, nationally or worldwide — will be able to view your resume 24/7/365. Your Resume Web Page will be indexed by all the major search engines and searchable by employers and recruiters, giving you visibility with search engines, employers and recruiters. You can also send the link via text message, tweet or email, a mobile / social network enhancement for your job search.

You will not have to pay any extra fees for hosting your web page; nor do you have to purchase any software or learn any authoring programs or complicated HTML code. takes care of all your posting and hosting needs, free of charge, with your BAKOSresume.

Exclusive Referral Service | Hidden Job Market

If we place you in a job in our network, your BAKOSresume is free …
For 30+ years, has been a recognized resource for talent by recruiters and employers. While other services charge for referrals, normally in the 30% of annual income range, we do not. This is a business model that has worked successfully to the benefit of job seekers, recruiters and employers. We do not even charge for direct placements. Although has multiple revenue streams, we have always offered this service for goodwill and relationship-building — and at no charge.
We’ve cultivated relationships with employers and recruiters over 30 years …
In fact, we offer the most current talent on the market. Job seekers will contact us first before launching their job search campaigns to ensure their resume is up-to-date and effective. As the first contact, maintains an ever-changing talent pool — job-ready, prepared and in the first phase of their job search. This free resource, available to employers and recruiters, makes us unique in the marketplace. Only BAKOSresume clients are registered for our Exclusive Referral Service and enjoy the highest selectivity combined with a premium listing in our resume database.
*Select or most BAKOSresumes

Premium Listing

We give you extra exposure to employers and recruiters in our high-traffic database.


If we place you in a job in our network, the full purchase price of your BAKOSresume is reimbursed.

Optimized Key Words*

BAKOSresumes include our proprietary key word optimization, an $85 value, free of charge. Our writers will analyze your background, prepare key words / phrases and strategically embed them in your BAKOSresume so you will be noticed first in job boards and databases. Density and relevance will be maximized using our software-driven keyword, algorithmic application. When employers and recruiters search databases, analyzing thousands of resumes to find the most qualified candidates, your resume will be at or near the top.


Broadcast your BAKOSresume to thousands of recruiters and employers.

Job Board Posting*

Post your BAKOSresume to ~85 Job Boards.

Career Coaching*

Job search guidance with interview preparation and salary negotiations.

Lifetime Support*

Lifetime BAKOSresume updates at no charge, re-usable cover and post-interview letters, and career coaching including interview support and career guidance.


Customized, re-useable Model Cover & Post-Interview Letters.

Stand out above the rest


…giving you an insurmountable edge in this competitive employment market. Beware of counterfeiters.
Your next job can be a life-changing event and we want to be there for you. We will deploy our talents and resources, energize your job search, avoid the pitfalls, and ramp-up your job search campaign. We provide the support, the knowledge, the expertise, the momentum, giving you an insurmountable edge in this competitive employment market. We simply make it work, getting you the job faster, easier and usually with more money.
When you compare, there’s no comparison. Choosing the right service to develop your resume is difficult. To help you, we’ve researched our competitors, rated by leading and trusted consumer agencies like the Better Business Bureau and As a Best-in-Class resume service for 3 decades, we offer many resume options to suit your budget and needs.

The proof is in the pudding — and here’s the pudding:

  • shows 68 complaints. They contract / outsource writers and are more expensive.
  • shows 63 complaints. They contract / outsource writers and are more expensive.
  • Better Business Bureau rates our service A+ (its highest rating). shows 0 complaints. has been in business longer than all these competitors combined. We have produced 2M+ resumes over 30+ years, with the best performance guarantee in the industry. More →

Recent Actual Comments from our Valued Clients

See our independent reviews and ratings at Better Business Bureau (consistent A+ rating for decades) and Robly, and independent online consumer rating service. More actual comments are available by request and subject to approval.

Robly Reviews


Michael Coffey <>The resume is great, thanks. I’ve got only a few changes:
1.) Can you remove the numbers from assets under management? I would like to get away from specific numbers. That is a lot to some groups…it’s zero to a lot of others.
2.) Can you remove the reference to database administration under the Aurora/Lehman Bros heading? I did not have direct access to any data positions there. I only generated production reports.
3.) Learning and Credentials: MCTS SQL was Anaheim Ca; Essentials of Management was done is 2002.
I attended a jobs fair in Anaheim today and received extremely good feedback on my resume. I gave 4 or 5 people your web address. You offer a great service, many thanks for a great resume. It not only looks great overall, it has great verbal structure and layout format. People notice how professional it looks.

Paul Coffey

I have probably referred 40 or more people to your website.
Bryan York <>
Hello BakosGroup,

I cannot believe I have been using your firm since 2002. I have probably referred 40 or more people to your website. I am requesting a technical writer along with some consulting to add two roles to my resume. I am a Directory of IT for a private company and a Regional Systems Administrator for a consulting firm that has long standing contracts with five counties in So Cal.

Bryan W. York
Riverside, California

Dennis Andeson <>
Dear Bakos:

I recently used your services for writing my resume and have accepted a job using it, this was the second time I applied at firm and was my resume that got my the job, if fact the Hr person made some real nice comments about my resume.

Dennis Anderson

Bakos assisted me with my resume 5+ years ago and the end result was very positive. The attached utilizes the format supplied back then along withsome of the copy on previous positions. |
Hello and good morning, I would like to thank your team for a very impressive job! I am very, very happy with my resume. Satisfied 100 percent. So please proceed with your next steps.

Rebecca Bhiro

Andrew Ramp

The resume looks absolutely phenomenal and thank you!! Here are my thoughts on the very few minor changes I would like to make.

Peter Sleiman
To Whom it may concern,I am very satisfied with this resume. It is without a doubt the most
appealing resume I have ever read.

Thank you very much,

Peter Sleiman

Chuck Tackett
Wow! I am impressed. Ihave reviewed the resume and there are two technical points that need to be clarified, and there was one spacing issue. The comments and edit are on the attached document. Otherwise, I really like what the group has put together.

Chuck Tackett

Steven Koscelnak
Subject: This will probably sound too good to be true!

Good morning:

I am writing to thank your for the help re-writing my resume. I am very excited to start my new position in Chicago on December 27th.

In May 2011, my wife relocated to Chicago. Living in Pittsburgh, I had to secure a job before I could move. From May – October I had several phone interviews with “recruiting” firms, but only one face to face interview with an actual employer.

Feeling very frustrated I sought out your service. On October 24th I received my “draft” resume from Bakos. On November 1st I posted my “Draft” resume on Monster, Careerbuilder, and LinkedIn. On November 7th-8th I received 5 phone calls from actual employers, scheduling phone interviews. On November 14th, I had 2 “face to face” interviews, in Chicago. On November 22nd, I had a second interview, AND on November 29th, the firm flew me back to Chicago and offered me the job in person! NOTE: I had applied for this same position 2 other times using my old resume and never got a call.

Anyways, this may seem too good to be true, but I am living it!

Thank you, again, and have a nice Holiday.

Take care,


more →

Every BAKOSresume is unique

because everyone has a unique configuration of skills, abilities and credentials, combined with varying track records of employment, education and life experiences. To view rotating examples, click the button below:

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How much is a BAKOSresume? Are we on the same page?

We produce the ‘gold standard’ of resumes… This is your career … compromise elsewhere.
Actually, we don’t know … yet. We offer a wide array of options and have established a reputation for being economical. We recommend submitting your resume for a complimentary review and analysis. A full report covering 20 elements in 8 categories and 18 sub-categories on a 100-point scale will be sent to you, combined with an insightful discussion. Many job seekers will make their own changes based on new perspectives from our resume analysts. It’s well worth the time for the review. Besides, if you decide to hire us, we have a variety of plans including Pro Bono and 6-month no-payment plans. Smart, affordable and backed with the industry-leading no-time-limit performance guarantee.
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